About Dean Feuer

Dr. Michael J. Feuer was appointed dean of the Graduate School of Education and Human Development in 2010. In October 2013 he was inducted as president of The National Academy of Education and will serve a four-year term along with his duties as dean.

Prior to joining GW as the 13th dean of GSEHD, Dr. Feuer served as the executive director of the Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education in the National Research Council (NRC) of the National Academies, where he was responsible for a broad portfolio of studies and other activities aimed at improved economic, social, and education policymaking. Prior to that, Dr. Feuer was a senior analyst and project director at the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment. He has also worked as a tenured assistant professor at Drexel University, teaching courses in public policy and management.

Dr. Feuer’s research interests include education policy with a keen interest in the uses of education research in the reform movement, the economics of education and training in the public and private sectors, the nature and uses of social science evidence for policy, the significance of equity and access in the history and future of American education, the uses and misuses of educational technology, the rhetoric and reality of international competitiveness, and the importance of testing and assessment as tools of measurement and reform.

Dr. Feuer is pursuing a number of research endeavors. Recently, he led the National Science Foundation-funded study, “Evaluation of Teacher Education Programs: Toward a Framework for Innovation.” In collaboration with the National Academy of Education, this study examines new approaches for measuring the quality of teacher education programs.

Dr. Feuer is also directing the School’s collaborative leadership of DC-EdCORE, a consortium that will be the hub of a new and sustainable system for research and evaluation for the District of Columbia’s public schools and public charter schools. The National Research Council will serve as an independent advisory board. Dr. Feuer helped to conceptualize and lead this effort.

Striving for innovation and collaboration, Dr. Feuer is exploring partnerships locally, nationally, and globally. Locally, Dr. Feuer is exploring joint ventures with GW’s School of Business—to create a new program focusing on curriculum and education strategies in entrepreneurship, and with GW’s Law School—on the intersection of education with legal matters in civil rights, intellectual property, finance, admissions, testing, and related issues. Budding collaborations in other countries include initiatives with colleges and research institutions in Saudi Arabia, Korea, Morocco, and Israel, all aimed at reinforcing the School’s commitment to global education policy research, innovation, and international cooperation.

Dr. Feuer was the Burton and Inglis Lecturer at Harvard University in 2004, which was the basis for his 2006 book Moderating the Debate: Rationality and the Promise of American Education, published by Harvard Education Press.  More recently, he delivered the 2011 Memorial William Angoff Memorial Lecture sponsored by the Educational Testing Service.  Dr. Feuer has published papers in education, economics, and policy journals, and has had many articles and reviews in the New York Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and other publications.

Dr. Feuer has traveled widely, serving as a senior adviser to education projects in Israel, consulting on education in France and Germany, and participating in conferences in Hungary, Qatar, Korea, and Britain. He has also studied across the globe, pursuing public administration at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and political science at the Sorbonne (Paris). Dr. Feuer has a PhD in Public Policy from the University of Pennsylvania, where he also earned an MA in Public Management from the Wharton School Dr. Feuer grew up in New York City, where he attended public school and graduated cum laude from Queens College (CUNY) with a major in English literature and journalism.  While at Queens College, Feuer edited the campus paper and was the “stringer” for the New York Times.

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