Bringing Teacher Rights Into Question

With increasing evidence about the importance of teacher quality as a correlate of student learning, it is not surprising that there is concern about the ways teachers are evaluated. Some researchers and policy analysts argue that teacher-evaluation systems across the country are inconsistent and often poorly conceived and implemented. Perhaps most significantly, there is seemingly little awareness surrounding the consequences of an evaluation process that holds the potential to unfairly dismiss a qualified educator. What rights — if any — do teachers have to stand up to unsound teacher evaluation systems?

In collaboration with Dr. W. James Popham (professor emeritus at the University of Calfornia, Los Angeles) GSEHD’s Dr. Marguerita K. Desander offers an enlightening examination of this issue in the Education Week commentary “Unfairly Fired Teachers Deserve Court Protection.” I encourage you to read the full commentary here.

For related reading, a recent series of reports by GSEHD’s Center on Education Policy offers detailed information regarding states’ efforts to implement new Common Core standards, as well as states’ efforts to prepare teachers and principals for Common Core standards.

Let me also note that on October 25 the National Academy of Education will release a report on the current and future of teacher preparation program evaluation. Watch this space for more details about a public seminar, which we will host here at GW.

Welcome to academic year 2013-14!

September 24, 2013


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